Fix Your Annoying, Leaky Fixtures

Fix Your Annoying, Leaky Fixtures

Hire Diamond State Plumbing to tackle your plumbing maintenance & repairs in Little Rock, AR

Is your water heater broken? Can't tell where a major water leak is coming from? Diamond State Plumbing provides plumbing maintenance and repair services in the Little Rock, AR area.

If you have water building up in your yard, you might have a broken sewer or water line. We can locate the break with our camera system in no time at all. We'll perform the necessary repair to make sure your pipes and lines are working properly again.

Hire us to fix your leaky faucet, shower or pipes in a flash. Call 501-585-5454 today to schedule residential or commercial plumbing repair services.

Don't attempt to repair your own plumbing

Diamond State Plumbing handles sump pump, router drain line, sewer main and gas line repairs in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas.

Hire us to tackle your plumbing repairs because we:

  • Are fully insured to give you peace of mind
  • Will complete the repair and save you time
  • Can fix all of your broken plumbing fixtures in one quick visit
  • Can save you from having to buy expensive equipment
  • Guarantee our repairs
  • Can give you advice on how to maintain your plumbing in the future

Contact us today to schedule professional plumbing repairs.